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Simple for Facebook Pro v4.6.8 Patched Download

Simple for Facebook Pro v4.6.8 Patched | Free Mobile Apps – Hi, we shall deliver free android application or applications for mobile for free, currently we shall discuss about the application Simple for Facebook Pro v4.6.8 Patched which might be useful, we shall review the various applications or games that advanced is that which you get totally free only in Free Mobile Apps.

At the current time, android-based software so common so it can not be split between applications, games or and android. To help you get for free android application. For people who are interested you can also immediately see our review below. You can download Simple for Facebook Pro v4.6.8 Patched from below!

Simple for Facebook Pro v4.6.8 Patched

Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Simple for Facebook Pro is a wrapper for Facebook mobile. Simple includes access to Facebook messages without the need to have Facebook Messenger installed.

Simple for Facebook Pro v4.6.8 Patched

Simple includes several colorful themes, has the ability to block sponsored posts and more. Simple is the fastest, smoothest wrapper for Facebook on the Play Store.

With Simple Pro you can block sponsored posts and ads.

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**Simple for Facebook Pro uses the Facebook SDK, Simple is in no way officially sponsored by or associated with Facebook inc. The name Facebook it’s logos SDK, and other proprietary software are copyright Facebook Inc.


Found an issue? Want to send feedback? Send for help via the app or our Google+ community. <b>We do NOT provide troubleshooting via the Play Store</b>
Version 4.6.8
Updates to notification that Facebook broke. Please note, the sender’s profile picture may not be available (because of Facebook changes).
Version 4.6.7
Search filters are shown by default.
Simple search is now the default search, the option to change this has been removed.

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Download [douploads]
Download [suprafiles]
Download [cloudyfiles]

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Simple for Facebook Pro v4.6.8 Patched Download | Ucok | 4.5