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Pixel Launcher 7.1.1-3624681 Download

Pixel Launcher 7.1.1-3624681 | Free Mobile Apps – Hello, we shall distribute free android application or applications for mobile for free, at this time we shall examine about the applying Pixel Launcher 7.1.1-3624681 which may be useful, we shall review the various applications or games that premium is everything you get totally free only in Free Mobile Apps.

At the current time, android-based request so popular that it can’t be split between applications, games or and android. So you can download for free android application. For those that are interested you can also immediately see our review below. You can download Pixel Launcher 7.1.1-3624681 from below!

Pixel Launcher 7.1.1-3624681

Pixel Launcher is the home screen experience for the Pixel and Pixel XL phones by Google. Personalized information from Google is just a swipe away.

Key features:
• Swipe right from your home screen to see personalized Google cards that bring you news and personalized information, at just the right time.
• Quick access to Google Search on your primary home screen.
• Swipe up on the bottom Favorites row to find your apps from A-Z.
• App Suggestions bring the app you’re looking for to the top of your A-Z list.
• Long-press on apps that support shortcuts to jump right into where you need to go or long-press on the shortcuts to drag them to the home screen.

Download Pixel Launcher 7.1.1-3624681 APK – 2.40 MB

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Pixel Launcher 7.1.1-3624681 Download | Ucok | 4.5